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The aim of the training program is to develop well rounded Air Cadets. In order to do so, the local training program touches almost every area of the air cadet movement. This will include: drill, survival, principles of flight, navigation etc. 

The successful completion of an air cadet proficiency level will allow cadets to apply for summer courses to further develop an area of interest to a cadet. Please visit our Ground School and Summer Training pages for more detailed information.

Air Cadet Program Brochure

The following table shows all of the subjects currently covered in the Air Cadet Program curriculum and in which proficiency level they are taught:

Each proficiency level is composed of Performance Objectives (POs) subdivided into Enabling Objectives (EOs). In the table above, the “X” in the PO number is replaced by the corresponding Proficiency Level (Ex. PO 101 would signify Level 1 Citizenship, PO 432 would signify Level 4 Propulsion, etc.).

2019-2020 Training Schedule

Reference Material




Cadet Training Resources:

396 Squadron SOP

396 Squadron SOP Annexes

Instructional Assessment for Class

Instructional Assessment for Drill

201 Drill Manual

Aide Memoir for preparing a flight for parade

396 Cadet Uniform Mark sheet

Field Training Exercises Fall Kit List

Field Training Exercise Winter Kit List

Cadet Cautionary Notice (Verbal Warning)

Cadet Written Warning