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There are a few rules when it comes to your uniform:

  • Your uniform must be worn in the following manner according to the CATOs (Cadet Administrative and Training Order). Please read CATO 55-04 Air Cadet Dress Instructions. If you have any questions or are unsure, you can ask a Senior Cadet and they will help answer your questions.
  • You only wear your uniform when you are attending training or proceeding to or from the place where you train or when you are attending ceremonies or functions at which the wearing of the uniform is appropriate and authorized. It is announced what the Dress of the Day is for each event during Closing Parade.
  • If your uniform becomes torn, worn, broken or it no longer fits properly please bring it into supply for exchange.
    It is not your parents’ job to look after your uniform. Chances are they already look after a lot and your uniform should not be one of those things. Have no fear! We have assembled some great videos and instructions from the web on how to look your sharpest.


Before we begin we will be referencing back to the following documents:

Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 1
​​Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 2 - Dress
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 2 - Appearance
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 2 - Hair
Cadet Dress Instrcutions Chapter 2 - Headress, Tie, Boots
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 2 - Religious and Spiritual Accommodation
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 3 - Insignia and Rank
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 3 - Qualification, Appointment and Proficiency Insignia
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 3 - Placement of Badges
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 3 - National and Organizational Pins
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 4 - Accourtrements
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 5 - Medals and Honours
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 6 - Orders of Dress
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 6 - Ceremonial Dress Chart
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 6 - Mess Dress Chart
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 6 - Service Dress Chart
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 6 - Training Dress Chart
Cadet Dress Instructions Chapter 6 - Orders of Dress Quick Guide
Cadet Uniform Guide
Officers Uniform Guide


Railroad tracks? Shiny pants? What does that have to do with my uniform? Watch this video and become an expert at ironing.

TIP: Use a cloth to protect your tunic & pants when ironing. If your iron is too hot or if you don't move it quick enough you melt the polyester in the fabric and creates a shine. Once this happens it cannot be undone. 

Air Cadet Trouser Diagram


Two schools on this one. Practice multiple times and become an expert who could tie a tie in their sleep. Or tie it once and never untie it again. Good thing this video is here for reference!


I have a badge but where do I put it on my uniform and how do I get it to stay there?!!! 

THE SEWING ON OF BADGES - informative and funny. Once again...not your parent's job.

​Diagrams of where badges are to be placed can be found in CATO 55-04 ANNEX F ILLUSTRATED REFERENCES  

NOTE: Do not use sewing glue to put on your badges. The glue does not wash out of the fabric and your uniform becomes unusable.

Pin placement starts on page 9. Once you get into multiple pins it can be a bit daunting. If in doubt, ask a senior cadet. They are there to help!


Great video for the guys & gals on how to properly keep your hair so you look your best.

Female Long Hair-Beginning of video

Female Short Hair- Starts at 7:03

Males-Starts at 9:58

For more detailed info, check out CATO 55-04 ANNEX F ILLUSTRATED REFERENCES 


The dress and appearance of Air Cadets in uniform reflects credit to their unit and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. When cadets appear in uniform in public, it is their duty to be sure that their uniforms are properly maintained and correctly worn.