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396 City of Prince George is a very active squadron with many extracurricular activities that your cadet could sign up for.  Listed below is the common teams and activities that cadets can participate in.

 Drill Team

The drill team is great team to join if you are looking to improve your personal drill and be part of a team.  Cadets that join the drill team are dedicated and eager to improve their drill and their team mates as well. The Drill team practices a few times a week and develops a precision drill routine.  The precision drill routine is approximately a 5-minute silent drill sequence that the team designs and performs. The team also practices a compulsory routine which is a sequence of drill movements that are memorized by the Drill Team Commander and called out to the cadets.   

Drill emphasizes co-ordination, team work and esprit-de-corps. In Pacific Region, Drill Competitions may be organized in each zone depending on active interest in the area and available resources. Drill Teams usually perform a compulsory as well as a silent precision drill sequence. 

Drill Team Reference Materials: 

BC Air Cadet Drill Manual - 2014 Rifle Drill The Honours, Flag and Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces
Manual of Drill and Ceremonial   Flag Party Guidance

 First Aid Team

First Aid competitions test Cadets Emergency Response skills in a safe, realistic, simulated emergency incident.  There are 2 types of teams for first aid competition, a junior team and a senior team.  Both teams consist of a team captain, 3 team members, and a spare. Cadets that join first aid team practice many different realistic scenarios that put their first aid knowledge to the test.  These scenarios also help to promote the team to work together so that they can ensure the best first aid given.



The Pacific Region Music program supports the development of both Military (Brass and Reeds) and Pipes and Drums Cadet Bands in BC. Depending on available resources, the following may be offered during the current year: 

1. Music Clinics and Workshops throughout the year. 

2. Honour Band, which takes place during the school March break. 

3. Band Competitions - usually in April/May of each year. 

The squadron band is always looking to gain new members either with experience or new to music.  The squadron has a number of different instruments that are available for your cadet to sign out if they are serious about learning an instrument and being a part of the team.  The band practices weekly and also performs on CO’s parades, ACR, and other events they are needed at.  

Band Reference Materials: 

Band Drill Canadian Forces Military & Marches Instruction  Band Drill (2)


 Biathlon Team

Biathlon is a multi-discipline sport that combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. Cadets in Pacific Region will have the opportunity to participate in a Zone Biathlon Competition that will consist of an individual format race. Winner of these zone competitions will be selected to advance to the Provincial Competition with races over two days. The top 10 pairs of competitors will then be given the opportunity to represent Pacific Region at the National Cadet Biathlon Championships.

More information about Biathlon can be found by clicking here.


 Marksmanship Team

Competitive marksmanship reinforces firearms safety and enables competitors to further develop their marksmanship skills and, in many cases, earn recognition for doing so. 

For the 2018/19 Training Year, cadets will have the opportunity to participate as a team of five in a Zone Marksmanship Competition. Where geographic distances between cadet corps/sqns may prohibit cadets being able to travel to one location within a zone, cadets will still be able to engage in a shoulder-to-shoulder match with neighbouring cadet corps/squadrons or take part in a postal match. Top teams from each zone will be invited to a Provincial Marksmanship Competition.

Biathalon Reference Material:

Cadet Marksmanship Program Part 1 Cadet Marksmanship Program Part 2 Cadet Marksmanship Program Part 3
  Air Rifle Qualification  


Orienteering is a recreational or competitive sport activity that combines map and compass skills with physical fitness. Cadets in Pacific Region have the opportunity to participate in orienteering activities as a part of their local training, as well as locally organized orienteering clincs and cadet zone competitions where available. 

For the 2019/20 Trg Year, RCSU (Pac) will organize cadet orienteering competitions to occur in six zones in the region, including North, Okanagan, Kootenay, North Vancouver Island, South Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland to take place in October 2019. Where possible these competition will take place in conjunction with local orienteering clubs. Also, clinics will be conducted prior to the competitions to help prepare cadets who are new to the activity. 

Orienteering Resource Materials: 

Control Card - Template Control Descriptions Map Symbols Orienteering Safety


 Effective Speaking

The squadron effective speaking program is designed to increase the cadets’ communication’s skills, their self confidence, their ability to reason, as well as to organize and express ideas.  The aim of the squadron effective speaking program is to develop cadets’ communication skills and their self esteem and to achieve other aspects of the cadet program related to their leadership roles, dress and deportment. Effective speaking being challenging and entertaining can also increase the confidence of the cadets.

More information about Effective Speaking can be found by clicking here.

Effective Speaking Cadet Workbook National Effective Speaking Handbook


The Duke of Edinburgh Award in Canada has been selected as an optional subject by a number of Squadrons. Involvement at the local level should be encouraged.

The program encourages young people to make the best use of their leisure time both actively and creatively, and provides opportunities for challenges to be met and awards to be earned. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is designed in such a way as not to burden the Air Cadet Squadron with another complete training syllabus. The Award fits almost completely into regular Squadron training, if that Squadron has a versatile training program. More detailed information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program is available at

Duke Of Edinburgh Award Resource Material: 

Air Cadet Brochure Memorandum of Understanding D of E Education Credits D of E Awards Program


 Flight Simulator

The Squadron Flight Simulator Program is a series of lessons, culminating in a simulator flight test.

Each lesson focuses on a specific aspect of flying (Aircraft Familiarization and Preparation for Flight, Taxiing, Attitudes and Movements, Straight and Level Flight etc.).

More information about Flight Simulator can be found by clicking here.